Tuesday, June 7

Apologies for the hiatus...

I needed to take some time to re-evaluate and form a game plan for my life in light of graduation. I'm sorry to have abandoned you, my lovelies. BUT. Today is Tuesday, and that means you all get a picture of a dynamite do.

I'd give you a pic of my own beautiful hairs, but--alas! They are looking a bit too hick for the public. I am currently half-way between mullet and bob. So what do we get to see? We need visuals! We have the attention span of a kindergarten class! you say? You get to see my GOAL.

Now, I understand that asymmetrical bobs are SOO passe... I mean, welcome to 2010, right? Well, I figure my bangs are the longest chunk of hair on head, currently, so my hair will naturally grow into this cut. As long as I let it wave, as it naturally tends to do, I won't look too harsh.

And let's be honest, with this economy, it's a bit more difficult to keep up with a pixie. In the mean time, enjoy these romance inspired dynamite do's that I <3.

Marisa Berenson

Lela Rose Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear
Lela Rose Spring 2011 Read-To-Wear

Liya Kebede

 Liya Kebede at the CFDA Fashion Awards

 I plan on adding more to this post, however, my friend has brought me episodes of Justified. PEACE.

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