Thursday, June 9

avoir du plaisir


and I figured I would share some of my favorites that I stumbled upon with all of you! :)

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  •     It's a photobooth!! 

The Sleep Design-- All that is not music is silence

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Card at

Wednesday, June 8

Apparently, it dawned on Gwenny that everyone liked No Doubt way more than her crazy Harajuku Brothel Girls phase. 'Bout time! I can't wait to hear a new No Doubt album... What are you favorite '90's/'00's bands?

Here are a few of my favorite things from the 90's...

Classic Cinderella story turned dirrrty
Reposted from Retromantic.... 
<3 the ripped stockings and contrasting denim-on-denim. Very difficult to pull off, but if it must be done, this is how it SHOULD be done. IDK whose photograph this is originally, but mad props.
Cassie dress, DV by Dolce Vita, via
 I love giving soft and sweet things a bit of dirt, so I'm totally in love with this look from DV. The conservative, lady-like dress paired with a grunge beanie and menswear watch works perfectly. Now, I know it's June so it's a bit warm for beanies, but if you swap it for a loose-knit beret... BABAAAM! NO SWEAT! Plus, it helps to hide those frizzies-- Florida girls, you know what I'm talking about.
Hammer Dropped Crotch Pants by Hellz Bellz via

OK now theeeseeeee.... I hate. Everything a woman wears should be flattering or comfortable (preferably both, but let's be real here). These pants look like they're falling. They make my hips anxious just looking at them. And these hips don't lie. The model looks like a shman who needs a belt.
I'm probably gonna get a lot of flack for this, but I've taken to wearing leggings and biker shorts. Not underneath a dress or skirt...just...spandex. And I gotta say, it feels pretty good forcing myself to be a bit more confident. As long as the fabric is a bit thicker, you can't see through them and you can't see any unflattering dimples. They're like more comfortable skinny jeans. :) 

Tuesday, June 7

Apologies for the hiatus...

I needed to take some time to re-evaluate and form a game plan for my life in light of graduation. I'm sorry to have abandoned you, my lovelies. BUT. Today is Tuesday, and that means you all get a picture of a dynamite do.

I'd give you a pic of my own beautiful hairs, but--alas! They are looking a bit too hick for the public. I am currently half-way between mullet and bob. So what do we get to see? We need visuals! We have the attention span of a kindergarten class! you say? You get to see my GOAL.

Now, I understand that asymmetrical bobs are SOO passe... I mean, welcome to 2010, right? Well, I figure my bangs are the longest chunk of hair on head, currently, so my hair will naturally grow into this cut. As long as I let it wave, as it naturally tends to do, I won't look too harsh.

And let's be honest, with this economy, it's a bit more difficult to keep up with a pixie. In the mean time, enjoy these romance inspired dynamite do's that I <3.

Marisa Berenson

Lela Rose Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear
Lela Rose Spring 2011 Read-To-Wear

Liya Kebede

 Liya Kebede at the CFDA Fashion Awards

 I plan on adding more to this post, however, my friend has brought me episodes of Justified. PEACE.

Friday, March 18

Crawdaddy Days

I'm back from New Orleans and since it's Friday, I figure I'll share my favorite meals from last week! Yes...I took pictures of the food... I'm that dork. But it was all so good! The group I traveled with is definitely...eclectic. We're not afraid to try new things and (Perez and I, at least) were more excited about the food than all

Wherever I go, I am always looking for a hole-in-the-wall place to eat. I truly believe that is where you find the best and most surprising food in a city. Granted, we spent the majority of our time on the offshoots of Canal, Bourbon, and Decatur so my hole-in-the-wall theory gave way to the eat-what's-on-the-way-to-the-bar mentality, but I still enjoyed myself....even if I was surrounded by other tourists for most of my meals.

 The above pictures were taken at Salt and Pepper, the one good hole-in-the-wall place we found on our way to the bars. It's a Pakistani restaurant that doesn't look like much, but boy oh boy was it good and spicy! We passed it at first, with Mudi demanding we eat there for dinner (he's Pakistani), on our way to look at some art. Well, Mudi got to talking with the owner of the gallery and it turned out they were from the same area of Pakistan and that the gallery owner actually owned Salt and Pepper as well! Destiny! The food was surprisingly amazing; I had no idea what anything was on the menu, so I asked the manager to pick something for me. It was basic chicken and rice, but it was seasoned to perfection. The only annoyances at the restaurant were the customers; all wasted, one was passed out on the toilet, and 2 other racist douche-bags dumped their plates on the table before leaving. And yes, I did call them out at the restaurant. I realized the difference between and tourist and a traveler; tourists are observing the culture around them and are often rude or obnoxious, while travelers try to temporarily assimilate into the culture and are as respectful as possible. These bitches were rude tourists. And they were none too happy with what I had to say.

These, my lovelies, are the French version of a donut: beignets, fried dough covered with powdered sugar. In New Orleans, Cafe du Monde is the place to go. The menu is simple: beignets, coffee, hot chocolate, tea. You seat yourself, and the tables aren't always clean when you sit down, it's crowded, and the servers refuse to split a check. Yet there is a line down the block. Oh yeah. They're that good.

Perez is making sweet love to his beignet.
I paired my beignets with a hot chocolate and was not disappointed. The hot chocolate is thick and creamy, not watered down Swiss Miss. If you ever have a beignet, I recommend dipping it in hot chocolate. 

Creole Gumbo (I think? Please forgive me!) was great at French Market Restaurant and Bar, and the service was great. Walking by, you smell the sweet and salty scent of crawfish wafting out of a window and can't resist!
This was our first experience with craw fish so we were a little intimidated. They boil them fresh in the restaunt and season them with cajun spices. The way the waitress explained it is: rip off the head and suck the juices (or not, like me...bit too barbaric for my tastes), tear off the first rung of the shell, pinch the tail, and suck the meat out. You pinch the tail so that it holds the black stuff in the shell and all you get is the meat. Never eat the black stuff.