Friday, March 4

I swoon....

Floppy hats make my heart all fuzzly

Bold solids + complementary colors

les drool....

Navajo inspired patterns

Bold shoe love.

Slouchy + Aqua color scale

All pics courtesy of JAK & JIL BLOG stalking habits and featuring Tommy Ton.

I don't know about you, but I am in love with what I've been seeing in Paris this week. I'm all about a simple look with a dash of the unexpected; a tan trench and jeans paired with lime green silhouette heels, a sheath dress or tunic to balance a crazy pattern, fitted blazers and floppy hats, or a playful aqua sweater beneath a fur bolero? What these looks all have in common is balance. In each, there is a give-and-take. Give on a hem line, take on fit. Give on business, take on romance. Give the male model a shirt, and hope he takes it off.... Je t'adore, Paris.... je t'adore!

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kelli christine case said...

inspiring! love your blog.